Looking for a new scooter helmet...
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I am looking to buy a new helmet for the one I currently use with my scooter is falling apart....any suggestions for where I can try on before I buy in Los Angeles and surrounding cities?

I prefer to get a helmet that is not ginormous and has a unique look to it... I wouldn't mind finding something like this:
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We like Vespa Sherman Oaks for a variety of nice scooter gear and nice knowledgeable people. The Honda place in Santa Monica also has a pretty good helmet selection, it's where we got ours (but we went for plain and safety focused).
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You should try going to the Cycle Gear in Canoga Park. They have a reasonable helmet exchange policy.
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Davida Helmets has a "Jet" style helmet that is similar.

The Garage Co. motorcycle shop carries their goods.
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