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Recommendations for an online Excel refresher course, preferably free, that will make me an Excel God Master Wizard user compentant enough not to embarrass myself in 72 hours?

I've used Excel quite a bit for basic analysis and reporting in the past but essentially not at all in the last five years. I'll be starting a new job soon that requires at least basic compentancy and I'd like to get back some familiarity plus learn the newer interfaces. I've read over this previously and plan to work the Microsoft turirials linked from there. But I'd love any recommendations for a non microsoft introductory level or refresher course or essential reference material.
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I present you with a powerpoint download from one of my ME professors at UA. It's decently approachable and is awesome because he uses the phrase "Secret Jedi Keystroke Sequence" to describe assigning names to values in cells for use in formulas.

I've always loved him for that, even though other students kinda gave him a hard time.

Click here.
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Try the Learning Express Library.
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Find an introductory resource for PivotTables and Vlookup (even the built-in help) and you'll be 99% of the way to people thinking you're a genius with Excel...
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Lots of good on-line classes available at It's supported by Goodwill, so it's aimed at adults updating their skills for the workplace.
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Youtube is generally a good way to learn visual software like Excel. If you search for 'excel course' you should be able to pick and choose.
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I haven't tried it yet, but my grad program uses this site.
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Not free, but has a demo version:
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