What Nocturnal Animals Shake When Startled?
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What nocturnal animals shake when a light shines on them? Long story short, this is for a project. I have vibrating motors, a photocell, and a microcontroller. So I am trying to come up with a use for these components.

A ghost that shakes when you shine a light on it also crossed my mind, but I would like to use a toy animal if possible.

Any suggestions?

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Can you add some sort of noisemaker? Bushbabies (which are nocturnal) apparently shake when they're distance-calling, and although I know that's not the same thing as an alarm call, it doesn't seem like that much of a stretch.

(Obviously, I am not a primatologist...)

It occurred to me that since fear can make us shake, other primates might share that reaction - but I haven't found anything to support that idea, and I think in us it's a response to sustained fear rather than a startle reaction anyway.

Tribbles tremble, or at least the one I bought did, but they're not nocturnal (or real).
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A skunk, primed to spray.
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A rattlesnake.
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Don't porcupines shake their quills when they're aggravated?
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A lot of animals will stop shaking when they're startled. Maybe your creature could be shaking (or rummaging through trash) and then get startled and stop?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input everyone. Hydroponic's rattlesnake suggestions seems like the best option to execute.
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Spiders often shake their webs when you shine a light on them -- I've done it.
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