"...sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love."
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What are the best sex-positive articles / writings that you know of?

I'm looking for writings which promote the idea that sex can be a very good thing, or develop arguments for why it is good.

A random example of what I'm looking for: Sex and the Off-Label Use of Our Bodies by Greta Christina

((Note: I'm not interested in articles explaining what sex-positivity IS or why it is worthwhile.))

Thanks!! :-)
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Sex Is Not The Enemy (NSFW) is not writing as such but often has links to good and thoughtful sex-positive blogposts and articles.
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C.S. Lewis' essay on Eros and Venus in The Four Loves speaks quite highly of sex.
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Charlie Glickman on sex positivity.
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Heather Corinna writes all sorts of fabulous stuff. Although it's meant to be educational, since she mostly writes for teenagers and young adults, she doesn't dumb anything down.

This article is more about bodies than straight-up sex, but I've always been fond of it: Vagzilla! (Or, All Genitals Great and Small)
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This is my favorite sex positivity article for 2011 (as in, I discovered it in 2011).
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Are you looking for articles or books? I would say anything by Susie Bright would work here, including the dated "Sexual State of The Union" or "How Dirty Pictures Saved My Life."

And there's also Real Live Nude Girl by Carol Queen.

All those books profoundly affected my views on sexuality.
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This was a freebie at B&N one week, so I picked it up and was quite pleasantly surprised.
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If you haven't picked up or looked into The Ethical Slut (its more about polyamory than sex, but still might be relevant) its worth checking out... also I'd recommend looking up the author Lee Harrington. He writes on everything from kink to sex and gender identity (and his own journey in making the transition from female to male).

If you want online resources, look up "eros blog" and "sexoteric" both are pretty pic/porn heavy and not safe for the presence of children or employers... but both gather info from other blogs and sources to repost, and focus on all aspects of sexuality.
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Carol Queen, Betty Dodson, and Susie Bright were pioneers in this field. Lonnie Barbach, Nina Hartley, and Candida Royale also come to mind. For my money though nobody wrote more honestly about the importance of sex, including transgressive sex, than Pat Califia. Public Sex is probably my favorite in this category.
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Oh, and I forgot Annie Sprinkle.
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And Tristan Taormino (the ass queen!). OK, I'll quit now.
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The Good Vibes Magazine is great.
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