October holiday on the continent
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Holiday suggestions for the end of October. Five days, leaving from London.

My ladyfriend and I are getting away at the end of October for 5 days. I've already booked the holiday from work - we're just not decided on where to go.

Sun would be nice, but not strictly necessary. Being able to get around without renting a car is. We're intent on keeping the flight shorter than 3 hours or so.

A few friends and colleagues have recommended Egypt but I'd rather not given the recent political instability. We've been considering Florence but we've both been before. I'd love to see Ravenna but not sure what there is to do around there. What would you recommend?
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Not because I am getting paid for it but why not Cyprus? The weather will be like in Egypt. Our public transportation has improved significantly that you can get by without a car. Most of the tourists are gone, and the water is warm enough to swim (at least for me).

Plenty of cheap, direct flights from London too.
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Response by poster: I hadn't considered Cyprus - looking into it now, thanks!
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The flight to Amsterdam is 45 minutes, and it's simple to travel in the Netherlands without a car. It's also nice to not deal with the peak-season tourist crush at the museums. However, it probably won't be sunny.
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You can also take the train to Amsterdam from Liverpool Street, though it would eat up a fair bit of your holiday.

I've never been, but Malta might appeal. I have seen some adverts lately that make the flights look reasonable at least. Or take pot luck and fly to the cheapest Italian airport on RyanAir. From Pisa, Lucca is nice.
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I'm a fan of Ljubljana - a very walkable and relaxed city. Not sure how warm it will be though!
Alternatively, Croatia is beautiful and easy to get around. This summer I visited Split and Zadar and fell in love with both cities.
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Ibiza? It will probably have sun, the flight is short and served by easyjet it will be cheap. The clubbers will be gone and I remember getting the buses easily from San An bay to Ibiza town.
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I'd be inclined to do a Venice - Ravenna - Verona - and back to Venice tour if I were you. They're all a mere hop, a skip and a jump away from each other on public transport.

Alternatively, what about Crete? - loads of culture, and the weather should be more or less bearable too. Also, the Greeks need all the tourist moolah they can get at the moment.
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Response by poster: Lots of great suggestions, thanks all!
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Go here [Andalucia].
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