Roland TR-808 documentary.
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I'm looking for a video documentary from a couple years ago tracing the history of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Released only on the web, it's similar in tone to the Everything is a Remix series; dry delivery, well researched, touches on remix culture. The Newcleus track Jam On It is prominently featured as a signifier of the 808's transition from a not-so-hot replacement for a drummer to being used for the sounds unique to it. If I recall correctly, it's about 8 minutes in length. It's not The Shape of Things That Hum.
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Best answer: You're not thinking of this guy, are you? Nate Harrison did a documentary about the amen break and the tb303 a few years ago that sounds like it might have gotten mixed up in your head since he talks about the 808 in both.
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Best answer: Perhaps Nate Harrison's Roland T-303 documentary?
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Response by poster: Ding ding ding, thanks MeFites!
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