Manhattan Messenger Bag Shopping
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I have a few hours in Manhattan tomorrow and want new messenger style laptop bag. Where should I shop?

Not sure exactly what I want. I've been using a Crumpler Dreadful Embarassment which I like but want to try something new.

I like messenger style bags in general but want something with a slightly more professional look, more like a Jack Spade or Manhattan Portage. Note, I don't necessarily need bag recommendations just some good stores that carry the things where I can browse.
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I really like my Chrome Metro messenger bag. It has a seatbelt which is not the professional look you are after, but Chrome also makes more grown-up looking bags. They have a store in SoHo, on Mott Street.
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Since you like Manhattan Portage, their flagship store is the Token Bag store on Elizabeth Street between Prince and Houston.
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If you check out Manhattan Portage, may as well walk over to Flight 001.
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You might want to check out Dunhill on 5th if only to see a thousand dollar messenger bag.
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might be worthwhile to check out paragon, and see their filson section.
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See Crumpler on 8th Ave. On the expensive side, but the few bags I have from them hold up extremely well (backpacks).
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