Is my cat in serious trouble or just normal hairball trouble?
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Cat is weird. She's constantly sticking out her tongue, like there's something caught in her throat, but she's not choking and is relatively calm otherwise. I noticed it this morning as I was leaving for work and she's still doing it tonight. Is it normal hairballness that will soon work itself out, or should I be worried?
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Best answer: When one of our cats was doing that, it turned out that he had an infected tooth. Will she let you look into her mouth?
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Best answer: When one of my cats did this, she had an infected abcess under her tongue. The vet lanced it and gave her a course of antibiotics.
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Best answer: Look in her mouth. And, is she eating/drinking?
There are all kinds of "normal" but when somebody does something unusual for them it's a sign of something.
Don't pull any string if you see it.
Take her to the vet anyway.
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Best answer: Echoing the advice above.

Look in her mouth and be ready to take her to the vet if things look unusual in any way.

If she's not eating or drinking: vet.

And if things look OK but she's still doing the tongue thing tomorrow morning: vet.
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Best answer: Also check out her teeth. Dental disease or losing a tooth can cause kitties to stick their tongues out. So can growths in the mouth or throat.

Or she could just be doing that.

So it's worth it to take a look, or to have the vet do so.

I'd also worry more if this was a new behavior with an older cat than a younger one.
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Best answer: Yep, take her to the vet. Doesn't look like a lights-and-sirens emergency, but it could be all sorts of vet-worthy things.

Once, we thought Joey had eaten something poisonous. Not only was he sticking his tongue out, but it was red and swollen and he'd drooled all down his chest, and smelled terrible.

Turns out the little genius had tried to eat some sewing thread, and gotten it knotted around the base of his tongue.
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Response by poster: She's eating fine. I'll call the vet today. Thanks, y'all.
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Response by poster: Took her to the vet; she has a serious infected cut on her tongue (small possibility it's some sort of tumorous growth, but the vet thinks it's a cut). I'm bringing her back tomorrow first thing so they can put her under and see what they can do to repair it. She's on painkillers and antibiotics tonight and seems better. Thanks, y'all, for encouraging me to quickly take this seriously.

Thank god for emergency money stashed away.
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Response by poster: It was a severe cut through her tongue and not a tumor; the vet says it might have happened when she caught the tongue on a canine after a fall. Post-stitches and a night of painkillers and syringe feeding later and she just ate half a can of food on her own, gingerly. She's purring and seems ready to forgive and forget the horror of a day at the vet, too.

Thanks again.
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Good to hear that she's getting better! You deserve the purring, too.
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Hooray! I'm so glad you got her checked out! And even more glad it's something with a good outcome!
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