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Tumblr folks (any left?): Is there a trick to proper tagging or is tagging buggy? I have tagged all my own work with my blog name, but only two of nine show when I search that tag.

I recently started a Tumblr blog, mainly to post my own work and other artists' work I like (yes, I always name/link the source). Anyway, the tag has spaces in it, does that matter? I've tried editing the posts - deleting the tag and re-typing it - to no avail. Is there a limit to the number of tags a post can have (I think I've used maybe 6-7 max). Any ideas?

(Also, any related or non-related Tumblr tips appreciated. I know Tumblr may be yesterday's game, but I like it so far.)
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Tagging is super buggy. The search function is even buggier.
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when I search for my own tags, while I am logged in as myself, I always get zero results. the search function on Tumblr is beyond buggy.
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I think that tagging may be case-sensitive, not sure, but that could affect your searches (and results) if I'm correct.
I've had success with using a ridiculously-huge tag cloud. If I click the tag, I always see 100% of my posts with those tags. Downside is that if you display a huge tag cloud on your tumblr, it takes forever to load.
Search function is indeed buggy, in my experience.
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Both search and tagging are terribly buggy. Searching on my own frickin' tumblr for tags I know I've used rarely brings up the posts i'm looking for. And using the saved tags on my dashboard will bring up different results each time.
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Nope, it's broken.
I've got a tag saved on my dashboard, and only ever get three items, even though the widget in the sidebar says there are 10.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the replies. That is totally sucky. I suppose that's why many folks avoid it.
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