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Word 2007: I want to create an outline where each level is a different color. Is there any way to do this as I'm typing? (instead of manually later) I've tried styles, but I can't figure out how to apply the color to the text (content) as well as just the outline heading.
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There's probably a more elegant way, but you should be able to do this by creating unique text styles and associating them with the outline heading styles, like so:

1. Create a new text style, name it Heading 1 Text and set the text color to whatever your Heading 1 is
2. Go back to your Heading 1 style and change Style for following paragraph to Heading 1 Text
3. Repeat for each heading level

Now, when you finish typing your headings and press enter, Word will automatically start the next paragraph in the associated text style.
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... maybe this is not in 2007, as I only have 2003 at home and 2010 at work, but if you designate a different body text style for each level, and mark in its definition that it is what follows the style for that header, I think it will do what you want?
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bah, too slow.
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I think the more elegant way is "Link level to style" (in Word 2010 anyway, and I think 2007 as well). In 2010, I can go to Home -> [Multilevel list button] -> Define new multilevel list -> More>> -> Link level to style. Then I can just select an arbitrary style for each heading, and it will automatically be used, even in already existing lists. See here.
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