Source of "Soviet-style" posters on DC Metro?
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Jason Kottke, BoingBoing and a couple other places have picked up the story of a Soviet-style poster that's been spotted on the DC-area Metro. Looking at it carefully, I just can't believe that this is genuine; for one thing, the poster's artwork just doesn't fit (take a glance at the hand just behind the head of the man in the foreground -- this is obviously a hand holding a flag, not someone grasping a pole in a Metro car). I've been looking through galleries of old Soviet propaganda posters all morning to see if I can find a source it could have been Photoshopped from, but without luck. Does anyone know more about this poster and whether it is genuine? Or if it isn't, what the actual source is?
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This page has some pretty good research on it. Apparently it's a real poster, but done by CSX, which owns the rail lines, not MARC, which runs the trains.
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He's not holding a pole, he's holding a hanging strap
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From smackfu's link, this London poster is even scarier. Boston (pdf). New York.
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That London one is GREAT. I mean, I don't think it could possibly be any more Orwellian, do you?
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Get. The. Fuck. Out. The NYC and Boston ones are pretty innocuous, but wow, the London and DC ones are... WOW.
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wow is right ... american artists using soviet posters as inspiration ... sarcasm? ... an in joke that lets the viewer know that it's not as frightening as it may seem? ... but why would we need to be reassured of that?

it's creepy ... just creepy
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Incidentally, the sign is from the MARC (commuter train run by the Maryland Transit Administration) not the DC Metro.
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Heh, that's nothing. Look at the design for the log of my home town: You can't really tell, but that star on the logo is part of a campaign they've been running on the beltline that looks like propaganda for a Communist worker's party or somesuch. At one point, the local NBC affiliate did a spoof on it showing the weatherman in place of the guy on the poster. It's all gone batshit insane.

Ah, found a sample: here
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I'm sure I'm over-reacting, but those posters are totally squick-making. I'm guessing they don't realize that a lot of people don't know the history of that type of art.

A person at one of those links suggests that the poster in the original post (heh) is taken from a Soviet Olympics poster.
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This isn't that creepy, it's actually a little re-assuring.

If you were a graphic designer commissioned to make a poster for something that sounded like it was from Orwell's 1984, wouldn't you go completely over the top with a height-of-communism style graphic in an attempt to highlight how insane this was?

And would you really be that surprised if your PHB signed off on it?
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krisjohn ... but what if part of the intention is to re-assure us by going over the top with it? ... that's what i find creepy about it
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It is creepy.
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Reassure us by going over the top with it? City government officials don't think that way. The london poster, at least, fucking has to be the work of a pissed-off graphic designer pulling the wool over his/her employers' eyes.
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Actually, I kind of take that back after looking at the madison billboard. That one's self-aware enough to be discomforting.
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It's called "socialist realism," incidentally.
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Geez I got the shivers just looking at that london poster. The MTA one is just funny.
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but those posters are totally squick-making. I'm guessing they don't realize that a lot of people don't know the history of that type of art.

No way. No way any graphic designer could not know the connotations of that art. No way anyone capable of making that poster would be unaware of the history of that kind of poster - you think they just randomly reinvented a whole style of art?

But at the same time, I don't really get it. I assumed the DC one was a spoof on official posters, which would presumably be more like the NYC ones (i.e., a little discomfiting, but not blatantly orwellian). But if it's an official poster, I don't know what to make of it. And the london one is just plain creepy. It's not as obviously spoof-y as the DC one, and it certainly seems official. So that's just plain old scary...
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