Looking for a Far Side cartoon
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Thinking of a cartoon, possibly a Far Side one? Need help finding it!

I'm putting together some teaching material for a gender class I teach and I've got a vague memory of a cartoon which had a woman talking to her husband, but her husband is a skeleton sitting in the chair (the idea being that she's bored him to death). I think it was a Far Side cartoon since it has that same kind of style, but my google skills aren't turning up anything related to 'Far Side-skeleton-woman', and less with Far Side omitted.

Is this ringing any bells for anyone, and if so, where can I get a copy of it (free or paid)?

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Not ringing any particular bells, but this sounds like it could be a New Yorker cartoon. Does that seem possible?
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Response by poster: Nope, none of them unfortunately. It might be a NY cartoon, but I really think that it's a Far Side one. She might be knitting and talking at the same time?
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I'm afraid I didn't have much luck but try a search here
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Response by poster: Just to add, this is closer to what I'm thinking of, but I'm sure there's a line at the bottom of the woman saying something
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. . . and she's knitting, and that's why she's not really looking at him, and not noticing that he's, y'know, skeletonized?

(btw . . . how do we know the skeleton is a "he"?)
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Response by poster: @Endless form, yes, that's kind of the point, and that she's more interested in what she's saying than observing what's going on with her husband. And it's pretty obvious from the cartoon that it's a 'he' (at least as I remember it!).
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If it helps, I think I've read every cartoon Gary Larson has ever had published, and this doesn't ring any bells for me.
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Response by poster: @Phunniemee (sorry for thread sitting). Ah really? Damn, I really thought it was Far Side. Maybe I'm just making it up, but it's so vivid in my mind that I don't think I can be!
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I'm thinking Gahan Wilson or S. Gross. Maybe this?
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Scottie_Bob, if you're picturing Far Side because of the drawing style, it may have been a Close to Home. It has a very similar look.
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Response by poster: @Phunniemee, yeah, that could totally be it as well. If I remember the scene right, the woman is sitting on the left hand side of the frame in a chair, and the man is on the right, diagonally on to the reader, with spiders and so on around him.

I'll have a look through Close to Home....
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Feels like it might be a Gahan Wilson cartoon...
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Response by poster: @Plinth. Nope, definitely not Gahan Wilson, but thanks for the suggestion!

Had a look through close to home. Maybe it doesn't exist and I should just draw it...
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I'll try to browse the archives, but another comic strip called Non Sequitur has a similar drawing style and content as The Far Side. Perhaps you've seen your cartoon there?
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Eh, it looks like those archives don't work for me. Sorry about the URL.
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Maybe it was the old creepy webcomic The Parking Lot Is Full?
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I actually remember that cartoon too, and I THINK it was a really early Far Side that I saw printed in "PreHistory of The Far Side". Maybe see if your local library has that compendium or if they can get it in for you.
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I remember that cartoon! Definitely an early Far Side one. Please do let us know when you find it!
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I THINK it was a really early Far Side that I saw printed in "PreHistory of The Far Side".

I didn't think this was enough to say just on my own, but I recognize the cartoon as well, and I thought I might have seen it in a copy of "PreHistory of the Far Side".
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Sorry, but I've just read The PreHistory of the Far Side from front to back, and it's not in there. Perhaps the US edition was different from the UK one?

I've also flipped quickly through: The Far Side Observer; Wildlife Preserves; In Search of the Far Side; Beyond the Far Side; The Far Side; and The Far Side Gallery 2 ("Cartoons from Bride of the Far Side, Valley of the Far Side, and It Came From the Far Side"). Do you have any idea how hard it is to flip through a Far Side book without reading it? The things I do for Metafilter. Anyway, I'm afraid it doesn't seem to be in any of those either.
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i've looked through 1981-83 in the complete farside, nothing thus far....
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Not in Unnatural Selections, Wiener Dog Art, The Chickens are Restless, The Curse of Madame "C" or Last Chapter and Worse, either.

The only books I haven't been able to check through are Hound of The Far Side and Night of the Crash-Test Dummies.
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Perhaps you could try asking on some of the "Far Side" groups on Facebook and places like that? People who are Far Side fans might be fans of other single-panel comics as well, so you might get a hit even if it's not Far Side.
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Response by poster: Ah folks, thanks so much for looking through those copies! Much appreciated, and I salute your dedication!

I have a friend looking through the UK version, although I'm not holding out much hope. Maybe I'll get in touch with Larson directly....

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