What are they doing to my street?
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Roadwork Filter: The road adjoining mine is being resurfaced. About 2 weeks ago, the surface got chewed up and roughened by one of those enormous road scrapers.

Then they put down new asphalt and atop that, a thin layer of what looks like a fine bluestone gravel.

After about a week, they swept up that gravel; then yesterday, they laid down a new, thicker layer of the same type of gravel. They've also posted signs to the following effect: "Warning. Loose stones on road. Speed limit 15mph"

What's the purpose of this layering of gravel on the new asphalt?
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That sounds a little like chip seal.
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I don't think it was a "chip seal", this was a resurfacing on a greater scale. My understanding is that the gravel is added because the gravel is harder, and wears longer, than asphalt.
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Previous discussion on chip sealing.
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If it is a low volume residential road then chip seal is an effective, low cost solution to fixing problems. It is more a maintenance procedure than "paving" but it does add life to the road and keeps it sealed from winter's worst. The added stones (here they use pea gravel) strengthen the matrix of asphalt.
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