My phone connects to wifi but won't load internet. Hope me?
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My phone connects to my home wifi network but won't load webpages/get internet. How can I fix this? Also, can anyone confirm that this won't be a hardware issue? There's a short window in which I could possibly exchange the phone, but I'd rather not if it's not a flaw in the phone.


-Phone is a Motorola Triumph (Android OS), purchased last week, and I've had the problem from the start. (Can't return it easily, and besides, this seems like it's not a hardware issue.)
-Home network is an open wifi network with no MAC filtering.
-Router is a Comcast Wireless-G Cable Gateway, model WCG200-CC
-Other devices (Windows laptop, my previous android phone) connect to the wifi network with no problem.
-the phone connects to other open wifi networks and is then able to load pages with no problem (although I've only tried this briefly at the library and then a coffeeshop.)
-phone does all internet-y things just fine when I turn off the wifi and just use 3G.
-I tried doing things like power-cycling the router and the phone, and disconnecting from and "forgetting" the network and then reconnecting, but none of those helped permanently.

Bizarre wrinkle I've noticed: Over the past few days I've noticed that sometimes, using the Youtube app, I can watch YouTube videos when the phone shows it's connected to wifi (rather than 3G) even though I couldn't load pages in the built-in browser or in Opera or get a connection in Facebook Mobile. And then immediately afterward I can load pages on the browser just fine. A bandwidth monitoring app I installed suggests that these did indeed use wifi for data rather than the cellular connection.
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There's a short window in which I could possibly exchange the phone, but I'd rather not if it's not a flaw in the phone.

Why not just exchange the phone for another one just like it, on the grounds that this particular functionality does not work and with the express provision that you can exchange the new one within a similar window of time? If the new one has the same problem, then exchange that one for a different model. Repeat until satisfied.
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I bought it on ebay and returning it would involve mailing it back and being without a phone for probably a week or more, and I'm not sure how well it would go over with a private seller to exchange something on the off chance it's a hardware flaw.
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