Need to watch Rugby World Cup from the U.S.
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How do I watch the Rugby World Cup online in the U.S.?

I have a homesick friend, and I'd like to set him up with a method for watching the Rugby World Cup online. I'm willing to pay for him to get access, but I'm uncertain of the best method for doing it. Do I need a VPN, if so, does anyone have a recommendation/instructions?

Extra awesome would be the ability to watch replays of matches, though live streaming would be a necessity for matches involving England or Italy.

Browser-based options would be super awesome as I suspect he'll want to watch some matches from his office (where his ability to customize his computer is somewhat limited). I recognize that non-VPN might be impossible since everything online says I need a VPN setup.
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If he doesn't mind a bit of a delay, the official RWC site has full replays available the day after here
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Awesome. That solves the replay requirement.

Now I just need to get an option for live streaming.
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check your memail
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Aussie here looking for the same info re live streaming. throwaway. thanks
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I've found to be good for live streaming of Rugby League, but in passing I've noticed that they lump League into a general "Rugby" bucket & Union games are also available there. There seem to be a bunch of similarly named sites:,, ... I can't comment on these but maybe take a look.
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Try downloading SopCast a streaming tool i use for football and basketball and check out for live streams
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