Looking for input on wheelchair camera mounting.
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Does anybody have any experience with or recommendations for camera tripods/mounts for individuals in wheelchairs?

I teach a digital media class that has a strong focus on photography and video.

This semester I have two students who are in motorized wheelchairs. They have very limited hand and arm strength/movement.

I would like to devise a system whereby I can quickly mount a camera on an adjustable arm directly to their chair.

The shutter button is no problem, I'll pick up a cable release. We'll be using SLRs with live view so the viewfinder is not necessary either.

I'd love input from anyone who is in a chair or has worked with individuals in wheelchairs - or even from gear junkies who know just what I need.

I have access to a complete welding/machine shop and I'm not adverse to minor fabrication, however time is money so I'd prefer to buy off the shelf.

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Best answer: Two products come to mind:

Joby Gorilla Pod

Manfrotto Super Clamp
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Best answer: Gorillapod, perhaps? They're great for attaching cameras to things. Not rock steady but pretty good, and with a cable release they ought to do the trick.

If you need a mount that won't fall off or fall over if bumped, then you probably want a Super Clamp plus a flex arm plus a small ball head of some sort. (Other manufactures have similar products, but Manfrotto stuff will take a bruising and keep coming back.)
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Best answer: Another heavy duty arm that you could pair with a super clamp: Manfrotto Magic Arm.
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Best answer: I use the Manfrotto Magic Arm a lot in my work, trying to dangle a camera out and in weird places. It seems like it could be a really good fit for this.
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Best answer: Actually, what I use is the Variable Friction Arm from Manfrotto. I like the action on the tightening a lot better than the on/off action of the Magic Arm.
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Response by poster: Picked up a Magic Arm and Super Clamp - students were very excited to try it out!

Thanks, all.
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