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I am looking for a non-woo-woo massage therapist in San Francisco.

The last time/only time I got a massage in SF, she told me my vertebrae were messed up because I was holding in too much anger and at the end of the session, insisted that I describe what color I was feeling. This cost me $120 including tip.

I have ongoing back issues, and I see a science-based chiropractor once a month. I would like to incorporate the occasional massage for therapy and stress relief. It stresses me out when my massage therapist gets all woo-woo and spiritual during/after the massage.

Can anyone recommend a massage therapist in San Francisco, close to a Muni line and open on the weekends, that does not get into spiritual healing, chakras, colors of your pain/emotions, or any of this other stuff. What I am looking for is someone to give me a massage (I like deep tissue), without a lot of conversation beyond the mechanics of the massage itself. If you tell me I may have an emotional experience and even cry after the massage, you are not who I am looking for.

Any recommendations appreciated.
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Oooh, go to Mary Jenn in the Hobart Building (at the Montgomery BART). She is amazing.

Mary does deep tissue / trigger point therapy. She'll talk, but only if you start it. She's practical and strong and she really digs into your muscles -- there's none of that petting soothing stuff. It's not a spa experience with candles and scented oils, and there's zero mystical nonsense: it's very much like seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist. I feel great afterwards -- she is incredibly gifted.

She's open weekends. And a thing I particularly like: because she's the proprietor, she doesn't accept tips. She's expensive though -- IIRC, about 120 for 90 minutes.
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I don't have a specific recommendation, but look for people who do 'sports massage'. I think they would work more directly with factual muscle issues.
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Jim Donak is the recommendation I give a lot of folks - if you have x-rays or MRI's, bring them in, he'll want to look at them, do an assessment, and then he'll give you bodywork AND exercises to help your situation and prevent further problems.
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Best massage I have ever had in my life is from Jamey Moore, right on the 27 MUNI. She kept me up and walking when I was nine months pregnant and bent over with sciatica. I've sent half the people I know to her and they all love her.

Disclaimer: she's become one of my best friends. But she was my masseuse first.
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I go here, you might like the comprehensiveness of it.
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