Looking to for some excellent writing on the Arab Spring.
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Arab Spring Filter: I am looking for recommendations for excellent, informed, insightful non-fiction writing, in Arabic, about certain topics related to the Arab Spring.

I'm interested in writing that tackles any/all of the following things:

-Why the Arab Spring (or any specific uprising that was part of it) happened this year/now rather than any other year.
-The generation gap on this topic, if any.
-The circumstances that were/had to be in place for the Arab Spring as a whole (or specific uprisings) to happen, and the history of those circumstances.
-The major individual players, groups, and institutional forces involved, particularly behind the scenes, and their history.
-How the different uprisings that made up the entire revolution were related.

Related topics are great too- I'm generally interested in the historical/sociological/economic issues here.

I am interested in articles/series of articles, non-fiction books, scholarly papers --- anything written and non-fiction and in Arabic.
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You could look at the Arabic section of Jadaliyya. Otherwise, perhaps you could find something on Brian Whitaker's run-down of Arab blogs on his own, al-bab, or the blogrolls of other blogs in English.

Sorry to be giving indirect answers here.
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Response by poster: Much appreciated, lapsangsouchong.
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This article from the TLS reviews two recent books translated from the Arabic about the state Egypt was in at the end of the Mubarak era :

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