Looking for an old 80's fantasy book.
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Looking for an old 80's fnatasy book.

The book is about 3 brothers who inherit 3 swords. Two blades are nice looking one is an ugly iron sword with angel type wings on it. The brothers get a magical medallion split into 3 pieces inserted into their backs. The swords let them take control of 3 different kingdoms. The 2 older brothers take the nice swords and the youngest gets the large iron sword. The iron sword is the ugliest but lets the youngest brother become a sorcerer king. He helps defeat an enemy that is threatening the land. Sorry if its sounds confusing, been looking for this book for ages but forgot the title.
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Best answer: Ironbrand? This old forum post sounds like the poster's asking about the same book, which is called Ironbrand.
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uhhh... well.. I'm reading a book called Black Trillium, which sounds almost exactly like the plot described, just with girls. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trillium_series
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Response by poster: Thanks Iconomy! Thats the book! Thanks for ending my decades old madness trying to remember my first Fantasty book!
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You're welcome! Glad you came back.
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