Waterproof shoes with thin, flat soles?
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Looking for a rainy-weather replacement for some basic Tom's shoes.

Thanks to $10 Chinese Tai Chi shoes and standard Tom's slip-ons, I've learned that the perfect shoe for me has a flat, thin sole and almost no extra support or sculpting at all. But I live in Portland, and the 8 months of wet is about to start. Help me find something waterproof that fits that description and looks semi-respectable. I like simple things, so nothing fancy necessary. Thanks!
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I just got these today and have not put them through their paces yet, but my pair of Tretorn Skerry rubber boots are remarkably flat-soled and minimalist compared to like 99% of other boots I've seen. And yet the tread factor seems to be pretty damn good. The overally appearance is very simple, too - they look like your classic Rubber Boot and come in solid matte yellow, olive, grey, black, etc.

That said, I'm not sure they're very appropriate for indoor everyday wear. But you could keep a pair of Chinese mary janes in your desk and use the Tretorns for outside.
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Response by poster: Crap, forgot to mention that I'm looking for Men's shoes. The Skerry looks good, but a little overkill for everyday wear.
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Have you tried overshoes before? Slip them over the Tom's and take them off when you reach your destination.

Tretorn is a great brand and they make a variety of styles. Option One, Option Two.
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There are brands of jikatabi that are waterproof. There are even gardening models that don't have the split toe.

There are also Korean rubber flats called gomusin, but my attempts to google some for purchase have fallen flat.

Or maybe some overshoes?
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