Nothern NJ dentist recommendations?
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It's time for a new DDS (or DMD, I suppose). Can anyone recommend a fantastic, friendly dentist in sunny Essex/Passaic/Bergen counties in NJ?

Bonus points for offices with way-over-the-top cleanliness measures that have made you think "they're really taking this germ-killing thing too far." Thanks, folks.
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Don't know about the cleanliness thing, but I like my dentist a lot (and I am a dental phobe still childhood). He's funny and friendly and does great work.

Stephen Beukas
800 Wyckoff Ave
Wyckoff, NJ
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I really, really like the practice I've been going to for years now, after years of searching for someone who could put up with my dentist-phobia. The initial owner recently sold the practice, but he spent a year before he did that finding new doctors who would carry on his ways. It's now run by a husband-and-wife team of dentists, both of whom are awesome. Their office is always clean, though I'm not sure how to judge whether it rises to "taking it too far" clean.

Pompton Dental Arts (Lauren Salch D.M.D. and Ryan Zlotkowski D.M.D.)
435 Ringwood Avenue
Pompton Lakes , New Jersey 07442

(Memail me if you decide to try them out - I'll give you my name to use as a referral. They used to make a charity donation in the name of anyone who refers them a client, though I'm not positive they still do)
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You want to look for Anthony Cipriano in Ridgewood. My parents have been going to him for... uh... more than 20 years. They moved to South Jersey - near Great Adventure - and they still go to him.
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Thanks for the tips. I'm going to look into these.

(I had the experience of pretty much walking into an office frozen in the mid-'70s last time I tried a new dentist; that's probably why I overstated my case with the germ thing. :)
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