Medicaid dentist in Manhattan or Brooklyn
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Recommend a good Medicaid dentist in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good dentist that takes Medicaid? From the horror stories I am hearing, it sounds like that's a contradiction in terms.

For the record I don't need them to take straight Medicaid, I am on a subsidized PPO (Metroplus.)

I live in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and work on 5th avenue in Midtown. Any dentist around either area would be prefererred. But I mainly want to hear if there are any decent Medicaid dentists in the two borroughs at all.
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What are you looking to have done? Most dental services are not covered under Medicaid/Medicaid plans for adults over 21. I'd say a dental school like NYU's might be your best option.
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There is a dental clinic at 200 Broadway in Manhattan that takes every insurance. You can walk in or make appointments, and there are at least 20 dentists there. I'm not sure how you'd find the best one. Some seem kind of gruff and burned out, like VA doctors, and some are eager recent grads. The assistants are all good. At least the equipment is modern.
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BTW, 200 Broadway is near City Hall.
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