Help me get the best deal setting up the internet
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How do I get the best price from my ISP?

I just moved into a new apartment. I don't have internet set up yet but I've been slightly frozen because I'd like to get the best deal for the price Apparently Comcast has special 'online-only' deals but I don't know if they really are online only or even if I can get a better deal over the phone.

Should I set it up over the phone or online?
Are there key words or phrases I should say if I do talk to a real person?
What's the best I can expect as an entirely new customer? (the account at my last place wasn't in my name)
Anything that I'm not considering?

Tips, tricks and advice are most welcome. I'm in Chicago if it matters and it looks like my options are Comcast, ATT and Time Warner.
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"Hey, I'm new to the area and trying to decide between you and AT&T. Do you have any deals going on to beat theirs?"

"Hmm, do you have anything better?"

Then make a note in your calendar to call them every few months and keep your deal going.
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In general, make sure you're able to quickly and easily drop any service if a better deal comes up. With ISPs, this means don't use their provided e-mail addresses, primarily. This so when you call back in a few months you can really mean it when you say "No thanks, cut off my service. I'm switching to X."

This lets you play the providers against eachother for better pricing.
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