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What cultural narratives involve an American journey from west to east?

A friend of mine just moved from San Francisco to Boston, and on her drive east, she realized that all of the journey narratives she could think of that involve travel in the US have the movement from east to west. Can you think of some that go west to east? Books, stories, movies, etc all count.
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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and the film have such a story, although Ford returns west again.
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The Chukchi Bible has a journey from west to east.
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This is probably not exactly what you have in mind, but Less than Zero and The Secret History are both about native Californians who go to college on the East Coast (I believe the colleges in both are based on Bennington in Vermont). They focus on cultural differences rather than actual travel-- any travel in question is done by plane, and so is insignificant to the story. Both are part of a minor (but growing?) trope of young people rejecting "shallow" West Coast culture in favor of "deep" East Coast tradition, with varying success.
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Dogma. Zombieland until they meet the girls.
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When Harry Met Sally starts with a drive from Chicago to New York.
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Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie -- the move from the midwest (or the small town in general) to NYC is another cultural narrative.
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Laura Ingalls Wilder's On The Way Home, which is the diary she kept while traveling from South Dakota to Missouri.
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The Great Gatsby. From midwest to east, but that still counts.
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Wagons East.
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John Steinbeck made a round trip in Travels With Charley, though the trip back home to Long Island had fewer stops than the westward portion.
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A lot of those East to West people came back, if that counts. Lewis & Clark's return trip was not uneventful.

The first cross country road trip went from San Francisco to NY. (Very amusing documentary, btw, if you haven't seen it.)
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(Oops, this is a better link than the one above.)
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Damnation Alley
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Easy Rider
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Two-Lane Blacktop - and you thought James Taylor was an easy-going folk singer
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Here's a good fit: I just read Bold Spirit, which tells this remarkable, true and fascinating story:

"In 1896, a Norwegian immigrant and mother of eight children named Helga Estby was behind on taxes and the mortgage when she learned that a mysterious sponsor would pay $10,000 to a woman who walked across America.
Hoping to win the wager and save her family’s farm, Helga and her teenaged daughter Clara, armed with little more than a compass, red-pepper spray, a revolver, and Clara’s curling iron, set out on foot from Eastern Washington. Their route would pass through 14 states, but they were not allowed to carry more than five dollars each. As they visited Indian reservations, Western boomtowns, remote ranches and local civic leaders, they confronted snowstorms, hunger, thieves and mountain lions with equal aplomb.
Their treacherous and inspirational journey to New York challenged contemporary notions of femininity and captured the public imagination. But their trip had such devastating consequences that the Estby women's achievement was blanketed in silence until, nearly a century later, Linda Lawrence Hunt encountered their extraordinary story."

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You'll probably find more in cultural and oral history than in fiction, and I'm having trouble finding specific examples, but at the end of WWII Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians (more officially in the latter case) who had been removed from the west coast into internment camps were encouraged to move east. Here's something along these lines, at least.

Many classic American migrations are racially or ethnically influenced -- the Great Migration of African Americans north after Reconstruction; the eastward migration of Southeast Asian immigrants through California, Texas and Oklahoma; early German and Scandinavian immigrations westward were organized in part for ethnic/racial reasons. So to find a west-->east migration that gets treated as an iconic "cultural story" rather than an individual "I moved across the country!" story, it helps to look for people who have demographic motivations for going.
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The final scene of Six Feet Under features Claire driving from Los Angeles to New York to great effect.
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I personally hate this song, but Boston by Augustana.
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The classic retro-sci-fi short story 'Eastward Ho!' by William Tenn, in the collection 'Alpha-4'.
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Legally Blonde? Ok I'm sort of joking but I actually can think of a lot of this type of "Californian comes east to live among actual humans" trope. Of course the actual journey is usually not really covered. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.
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"And Then We Shot The Ox"
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