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MagCloud doesn't allow certain types of content and Lulu has a maximum of 48 pages for a saddle-stitched booklet. Where can I put my 80-page zine online for print-on-demand?

Looking to throw up a print-on-demand page for a silly little zine I recently put together. I'd planned to use MagCloud, but realized right before uploading that I have content included in my work that is against their terms of service. After 48 pages (my work is 80 pages at 8.5"x5.5", including the cover), Lulu requires that a work be perfect-bound, which I didn't design for and would affect the layout of what I have already created. Do I have any other options for online magazine POD?

(Insert standard disclaimer here about how I expect no one to purchase it--I am not trying to make money here. I've already had plenty of copies professionally printed which will be given out; I'd just like to have the option of online purchase for my own self-satisfaction.)
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Have you considered Blurb? A blog a like prints all of their stuff through them, and the journals/quarterlies I've ordered have been of pretty great quality.
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Comixpress prints center-stapled books up to 52 pages. You might also try Lulu.
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Response by poster: Blurb seems to lack an option for saddle-stitching, alas. And my work is too long for both Comixpress and Lulu.
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Would Issuu work?
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Sorry, forgot about the whole "printing" thing. Disregard.
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