What are some fun games and activities that involves throwing colored paint at each other?
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What are some fun games and activities that involve throwing colored paint at each other?

I'm arranging activities for a friend's birthday party. Men and women will be attending, and all attendees, including the birthday man himself, are between the ages of 24 and 30, so I'm looking for fairly age appropriate games.

We have access to a large field, and I was hoping to get some sort of mass paint-fight/paint-tag going, similar to the Indian Holi festival, but I'd like to add some additional rules/goals to make the game a little more interesting.

Every player will be provided a white t-shirt and non-toxic, eco-friendly paint. The color of the paint distributed to each player will depend on the games being played.

I was thinking of starting a game something like capture the flag, or maybe flag football, but instead throw paint to tag opponents?

Any other ideas? I'm looking for something creative, messy and fun.
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See who can get the least amount of hand prints on their shirt. So everyone would be running around with paint on their hands trying to touch everyone else.
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egg toss w paint-filled balloons.
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Tell everyone to gear up, read on military tactics, and then play capture the flag with Paintball guns blazing. Teams can have different colors, or even by gender. Imagine a big tough looking dude coming out of battle with pink paint all over his shirt.
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Freeze-tag! Black paint (or some specific color) freezes, and other color unfreezes.

One thing you could do to add to the Holi-rifficness of it all is to supply a bunch of cheap white t-shirts, so people have a blank slate for each game.
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