DC basketball leagues??
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Hi, I'm an average ex hs basketball player. Are there are competitive adult men's basketball leagues in Washington DC? I live on Capitol Hill so not looking to travel very far. I'm also hoping to not have to pay to join a gym to play in that gym's league. If anybody knows of any I would appreciate the info. Thanks, Matt
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This sounds like a job for Meetup.
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Sherwood Rec Center at 9th and G NE has a nice gym with regular games. Don't know how much is league play and how much pickup, but give them a call or stop by some evening.
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I'm not from the DC government, but I'm here to help you. The Department of Parks and Recreation has programs for adult basketball players It looks like the Watkins is closest to you and they do have basketball courts.
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Check out the basketball league at Balance Gym in Kalorama. I know it's not on Capitol Hill, but I have a couple friends who've played in it and can recommend.
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