How to watch East Coast TV on the West Coast?
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Is there a way to watch the major TV networks' East Coast feeds on the West Coast?

I live in Los Angeles but I work a job that has me living on an East Coast schedule. (I wake up at 4:30 a.m. and go to sleep at 10 p.m.) Is there any easy, legal-ish way for me to watch major-network TV shows live at the times they premiere on the East Coast?
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Get DirecTV?
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I know my cousin has my aunt's television in Connecticut hooked up to the internet so he can watch baseball games live in Vermont. You might consider researching that to see if it'd fit your requirements.
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If you have a friend on the east coast you can send them a SlingBox and it will let you watch their TV over the internet on your computer. I have a friend in Italy that is a big UT football fan that watches the UT football games from Milan. It requires the person's TV (cable box actually) to be on so if you're in Los Angeles flipping through channels the person on the East Coast would see that. My friend has it set up in his parent's guest bedroom and the TV is off. The only time his parents have to do anything is if the their internet and/or cable and/or the sling box needs to be rebooted.

The DirecTV method works for people with RVs or that live in BFE and it is getting harder to get as the broadcast networks want you to watch the local version and the local ads. I think you would have to set up a direcTV account in a place w/o local channels (Los Angeles would not apply) as a billing/residence address. And it is probably a violation of their terms of service for you to not use your proper

My brother had a bootleg smart card that let him get all the channels on direct TV. In addition to the HBOs and other cable channels, he could get every single local channel on the bird. DirecTV sent a code to zap the bootleg cards. I haven't kept up with that though so I don't know if current gen boxes can do that. It was definitely not legal.
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Get a real satellite dish - not DirecTV or DISH. You can legally watch any broadcast that is not scrambled. I have a friend that has a 3 dish setup that he has put together cheap entirely from stuff scavenged on CraigsList. Obviously, this may take some work to do.
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