Good streaming nighttime talk radio?
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I subscribe to plenty of podcasts, but sometimes have a hankering for live radio. So I'm looking for some entertaining talk radio to listen to while I fall asleep. Ideally I'd like to find some local (as in not nationally syndicated; specific location isn't important) radio stations that stream call-in talk shows around midnight Eastern time. I realize talk shows skew to the right politically, and I'm OK with thoughtful shows with a conservative bias, but not OK with ultra-right-wing screamers (e.g., Rush Limbaugh and clones). And I'm not too interested in shows that focus solely on politics.

Mid-90s Art Bell exemplifies what I'm looking for (so I guess I'd be OK with a good nationally syndicated show, but local would be a plus). Seems like the screaming tea-partiers have taken over this genre - does what I'm looking for even still exist?
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Coast to Coast AM, which is Art Bell's legacy (he tends to host the 5th Saturday of the month actually), was my go to sleep show. They talk politics, paranormal, all sorts. We subscribe to the online stream of it now though because I couldn't handle waking up to the right-wing rage that was on the station in the morning. If your local station isn't so nutty, or if you have have a timer that could turn off your radio when Coast to Coast ended, it would work.
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I'll be interested to see how this thread goes. The Best Show on WFMU, which airs on Tuesday nights, is one talk show that has its own universe for you to become engaged / obsessed with.
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I used to love the non-political AM radio talk shows of yesteryear too. You probably already know these, but podcasts of live radio shows like The Best Show or Too Beautiful To Live may be the best modern incarnations of what you are looking for.
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If you like your broadcasts delivered in the voice of Seymour Skinner from the Simpsons, you can try Harry Shearer's Le Show.
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WNYC AM in New York reruns the Brian Lehrer show at midnight Eastern. It's more public affairs than politics, and it's officially apolitical but really NPR-politics. It's definitely local to NYC, although they do some national and international stuff.

I sometimes listen to BBC 5, which is the BBC's talk and sports station. It's not local though: it's UK-wide.
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The Nite Show w/ Tommy Mischke is usually non-political, always entertaining, and often quite confusing. It runs from 10-12 in Minneapolis, and the link above has streams.
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Best answer: If you have an iPhone, I recommend the TuneIn Radio app. It's an amazing app -- you can search by show name and find at least a dozen stations playing Coast to Coast every night. It's also got a sleep timer. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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Tune In also works online, on Android, Roku boxes, and probably everything else in your house that uses batteries.
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Philip Adams or the worlds best ever radio show ...James Valentine. Bugger that James is on holidays at the moment. Bernie Hobbs is a clever and funny scientist in James' stead. James will be back in two weeks.

I have no idea how the time zones work for you...but these are the two best ever radio shows in the WORLD. Ok, that may be hyperbole, but they're very good.

And on a lighter note... Is It Just Me? but it's a podcast, and an acquired taste...but absolutely divine.

I BEG of you, try one, or all, just once. Tell me what you think.
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I enjoy The Bob & Tom Show, their show is comedy based.
I also enjoy Clark Howard, he talks about money and consumer advocacy.
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Thanks everyone - lots of good ideas to check out!
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Response by poster: Great answers, all! TuneIn radio looks really useful (I always listen to "radio" on my phone), and I'll be sure to try the other recommendations (most likely using TuneIn!). And I've listened to WFMU for years, but never knew they had a talk show! Guess I tend to change stations when the DJs talk too much (I'm looking at you, Pseu). Will have to give it a listen!
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