Where can I find old real estate listings online?
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Is there any way to find old real estate listings on the internet, searching by address--ones that have already sold, expired, or been withdrawn?

I am on the hunt for a new house with certain hard-to-find characteristics in my area. I have reached the point in my search where I am going to have to find the house that I want and approach the owners about selling. This process would be greatly aided by being able to see previous listings for likely properties. I have a great agent who has been sending me some listings that were pulled for various reasons, but I want to be able to do more of this type of searching than I feel comfortable asking her to do.

When I type the address of a current listing into the Google search bar, I get hits for that listing from all the real estate agencies in town. But when I type the address of a house that I know has been recently listed but no longer is on the market, I get nothing. Why aren't these listings cached? Or are they? Is there any way to see them?
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Not sure if it would have all that you are looking for, but I've been to zillow.com before. You can type in a street name or some address. I've seen places in my neighborhood that are for sell, what are for rent, and what just recently sold and the price. (I was looking to put my place on the market and wanted to see what was going on in my 'hood). I'm not sure if it shows expired or withdrawn info, however.
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Response by poster: No, Zillow only gives the most basic information about houses that are not on the market. If a house is listed, it gives the full listing information, but the second it's pulled from the MLS, the Zillow listing reverts to a basic listing (just address and Zestimate, basically).
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Redfin can show listings for the past three years, at least in my area. On the map screen, click More Options, then the Sale Records checkbox.
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If I were you I'd look for empty houses that meet the criteria, look them up in the tax records, and then approach the owners.
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Your Realtor should have access to that on the mls if I recall correctly.
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I've done this. I don't have a consistent approach. I usually Google it, find the crappiest real estate aggregator website I can, and look at the cache. Frequently the images survive. Occasionally some website just has the listing up. (Zillow holds them for a few months, but not much longer. Others differ.)
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Trulia does this. Click on the "Recently Sold" tab. There's a lag of a month or so between sold date and appearing on the site, but many of the sold properties have photos on the website (sometimes dozens of them). It's so useful.
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