Help me jazz up some yard sale prints!
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What color to paint the frames of some neat little animal prints from a yard sale?

I picked up three little framed prints of woodland animals. I quite like the shape of the frame, and the animals are cute, but the frame color is not my taste. Not quite sure what new color would compliment the prints themselves. I probably just want to mask and spray-paint them, so any color available in krylon or similar spray paint would work. Here's a pic of one of the prints: They all use the same muted colors and the gray has a bit more of a blue/green tinge to it that you can't see in the photo. Thanks for your opinions!
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I'd probably not use spray paint, which will just look very flat. You could try sandpapering them very lightly and then putting a wood stain on them, like Minwax or something. The shadings and carvings are what really make this frame look interesting, and flat Kryon will destroy that effect.
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I should also mention that they're not made of wood, but rather some kind of plastic/acrylic stuff. You do have a good point about the shadings though, maybe going back and hand painting some of those parts a different color might look cool?
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Their cute!

What about a pewter? Or dark grey? I think a shade of cream could also look nice of course the colour should also work with where ever you plan to hang them. I think having it all one colour would make it look more modern. The shading to looks a bit dated to my eye.
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Oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Dark yet has a bit of a sheen (but not shiny).
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That's resin moulding. you should be able to sandpaper and use whatever paint you like. I'd recommend picking a colour that complements the room without looking too "matchy". A natural shade rather then a metallic will probably look best and remain relevant longer.

After paint is dry, you can take a cotton ball dipped in another paint or a stain of your choosing and run it along the details, then use several clean cotton balls to wipe it out so that the details are revealed, depth is added, and paint colour complemented. I would choose a darker colour that calls to the image within the frame.

Nifty pics!
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Krylon has a line called Fusion which is formulated for plastics and requires no sanding or priming (but make sure your frames are clean). The color range is limited, but their Buttercream color looks rather cheerful, and would go with the theme of your prints. Apparently, that color is in a satin finish, which would work nicely.

After you paint, if you think the look is too monotone, or you want to accentuate the detailing, rub in some dark-colored cream shoe polish or paste furniture wax with a thin cloth, then rub it off, leaving it thicker in the recessed areas. Your local craft store should have a similar product in various metallic finishes, if you want to get all fancy.
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Great ideas for accentuating the details! I think I will go with some shade of cream. For some reason I always seem to forget that's a color option. Thanks for all the ideas!
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Oh, by the way, by "cream shoe polish", I meant a creamy/pasty consistency, the kind that comes in a small tub. You would want it to be many shades darker than your base color.
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