Ikea home delivery (hjemtransport) in Aarhus, on Sunday?
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Does the Ikea home delivery service (hjemtransport) at the Aarhus location in Denmark, actually accept goods for delivery on Sunday?

My wife and I will be arriving in Aarhus on Saturday, and it would be most convenient for us to go to Ikea on Sunday to get a few large pieces of furniture. As we will have no vehicle, we will need to use their home delivery service (not a problem in itself), however, we don't know if the service will be open with the rest of the store (as we understand that the service is run by a "partner" rather than Ikea itself).

We don't mind if they won't actually deliver the goods until later that week, however, it would be rather unfortunate to get to there and find out that they won't even let us arrange a delivery.
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Prompted by a direct message from another member, I should add that I did try to call them, but as I don't speak Danish (yet!), I wasn't able to navigate their automated system to get a human. Even a guess at which number to press only got the same message back.
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It says in the FAQ here that they deliver Mon-Friday and in some post codes also Saturday. (So not Sunday).

In the material on delivery from the Århus branch I found here it says that you pay for the home delivery at checkout and then set up the delivery at the service desk in house. I'm pretty sure the partner service is only for the actual transportation of the goods - this is also what has been my experience with the branches in Copenhagen.

So AFAICS you wouldn't have a problem arranging the delivery in the store Sunday Sunday and then having them deliver during the following week.
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Speaking from my experience of IKEA in Sweden only, that isn't an issue. Absolute worst case scenario, you go there, sit on everything, pull on the drawers and then order it online from their website (or by phone).
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In Switzerland ordering online has led to us waiting for almost two months for delivery two times, so I'm not sure about online ordering everywhere. Hopefully Denmark is better. One of the options available here, however, was to call a van taxi to take our stuff home for us. The workers at IKEA actually did this for us, and it was marginally cheaper than getting the stuff delivered, and we got to go with the stuff. So I would look into seeing if that was an option. It probably won't work with a sofa, but with a large percentage of the flat-pack stuff I think it should fit.
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Ordering online in Switzerland also - my delivery came in under 2 weeks. But that aside, in most countries, you can borrow a van from IKEA for an hr or two and drive your stuff home yourself. That's what I'd do if I was looking at buying furniture and use it within a day or two. If driving a van is daunting hire a large car for the weekend and take your stuff home?
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Many thanks, coraline — I hadn't spotted that FAQ question (chrome is wonderful for on the fly translation, but still...). That answer is a little ambiguous as to whether it's online deliveries only, or both online and service-desk deliveries.

I think I may try to convince a colleague with a car to lend a hand. Apparently they also have trailers that can be borrowed on the day, and I think that may be simplest.
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No problem, joey - if you go the trailer route, remember to reserve one here.

Hope it works out well and welcome to Denmark. :)
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