Want auto broker, not broke auto.
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AutoBrokerFilter: I'm trying to get hold of a specific make model and year of car (Audi A8 2001). Where I live (West Coast) these cars have v. high mileages, whereas on the East Coast they have low mileages. So...

...because these cars are pretty thin on the ground, I'm thinking an auto broker would be a good idea - does anyone have any good recommendations? Also, let's say I do buy one on the East Coast and get it shipped over - is that a crazy thing to do: buy a $30K car without having even seen it, let only drive it...?
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Buying a car sight-unseen is a risky thing to do, but I suspect people do it often. Just check out Ebay Motors some time.

I don't know how much time you have for this, but why not plan an east coast vacation around buying your car? Then drive it back home or have it shipped. I'd imagine finding a cheap air fare to the east coast would be at least comparable or less than what you'd pay a broker on a $30k purchase.
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Just FYI, west coast cars are generally more highly sought after on the east coast because we get snow here, and the accompanying salt on the roads which eats cars alive. In general, engine work <$ body work. But, of course, your mileage may vary (ba-dum-bum).
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You should be able to find a 2001 A8 here in Florida pretty easily. In fact just doing a quick search on Autotrader I found one 6 miles from me. I'd be glad to test drive it for you or if you find other cars in the state you can go to the AudiWorld Florida Forum and ask for someone to look at a car for you in their area. I'm a member of the local Audi club here in central Florida and know there is also a weekly VW/Audi auction in the Orlando area. Mostly off lease stuff, so you could probably find a decent car. Going rate around here if you hire a broker to go to the auction for you is $500 over the auction price. Good luck!
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1. get a one-month carfax subscription, and run each a8 you look at through it
2. with all due respect to white_devil's comments, I would never buy a car from new jersey or florida. Tons of scammers in either state, and Florida has that homestead provision (essentially, you can't have your home taken away from you by the law for any reason). Plus Florida gets a lot of water-damage cars. I knew kids who put themselves through college in New Jersey by taking luxury cars that had been front ended and rear ended, cutting them in half, and splicing the "good" parts back together. Most of them had VIN punches too, so they could make the numbers match...
3. Audi A8s have aluminum bodies, and aluminum is much harder to work than steel. This reduces the chance that your audi has been spliced as described above, but also make sure that you have an a8-certified bodyshop within a few hours of your location.
4. Check cars.com. Right now there is a 2001 A8 with 48k miles, asking $27k, 45 miles from orange county. There are two more with well under 100k miles in Seattle. Portland has one with 53k miles. Also, check with your local VW/Audi/Porsche dealer, sometimes they will work to get the certified-pre-owned car you need.
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