Pensacola Thanksgiving restaurant recommendations?
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Pensacola Thanksgiving restaurant recommendations?

Spending Thanksgiving down in Florida with my mom, and she wants to eat out for Thanksgiving dinner. Does anybody in the Pensacola area know a good place for that? Someplace, I don't know, comfortable and with a good feel -- I once ate Christmas dinner down there at a Chinese buffet and we were the only customers and it was kind of horrible, so I'd like to move up from that.
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My cousin who is like a sister to me and whom I trust to feed me says, "Jackson's on Palofax, or nowhere on Thanksgiving." They'll have a special menu and the food is really good. You can make a reservation now.
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Yo dog. I no longer am affiliated with the Great Housing Charity Who Shall Not Be Named however I may have worked with a Gulf Coast affiliate for a brief period a few years ago. It's not Pensacola, however it's just down 98 in Destin, the Okaloosa County Habitat for Humanity has its biggest annual fundraiser on Thanksgiving at Harbor Docks. It's 100% volunteer run and 100% free, you pay what you like, eat as much as you want. When I worked it 2 years ago, I believe we served something like 2500 meals or something crazy. Normally the weather is gorgeous, the drive down 98 is quite pretty, and the meal really is fantastic and all proceeds go to a good cause. If you're really feeling saucy, you can probably sign up to volunteer.

If you do go, go early or in the dead middle of the day---there gets to be a pretty good wait. I don't remember if they do reservations or not. They normally run out of food by evening.

The affiliate who does the dinner is the Okaloosa County one, and while I wouldn't pee on its employees if they were on fire, they represent a good organization and they do good work. This page seems to indicate that it's still on.
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