Death As It Truly Happens
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What documentaries accurately depict the dying process?

In the documentary Sick, the film's subject is shown in the days and hours before his death from cystic fibrosis. He is essentially comatose as his body gasps for air. His partner sits at his side, comforting him. This is shown without dramatic buildup, music, or manipulative editing. The scene is completely raw, which makes it all the more affecting.

What other documentaries show the dying process in a raw and unedited form?
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"Southern Comfort" is an amazing documentary about the final year of Robert Eads' life, from just after his terminal diagnosis through to his death.
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The PBS show Frontline had an episode about an American man with ALS who traveled to Switzerland to have an assisted suicide, and they showed the whole process. You can watch it here.

While I was browsing to look for it I saw they had another episode called Facing Death that might also be of interest to you, though I haven't seen it.

The fictional film Longtime Companion has a wrenching death scene in it, if that is up your alley. The person in question dies from AIDS.
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An episode of BBC's Inside the Human Body shows an elderly man progress from being in decent health to being bedridden to finally the actual moment of death, surrounded by his teary relatives.
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Silverlake Life is a documentary about a gay couple with AIDS. One of them dies during the film, and it's basically like a home movie (no music or anything).
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Allan King's Dying at Grace (2003) is a documentary that follows the end of the lives of five patients in palliative care at the Toronto Grace Health Centre. Here's a little more info on the film. It's pretty incredible to watch.
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The fictional film "Hunger," a movie about the last days of Bobby Sands, very realistically shows and verbally describes how someone dies from a hunger strike.
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In the PBS Frontline documentary The Suicide Tourist, the viewer actually watches the man as he dies (from drinking a physician-assisted suicide drug) with his wife at his bedside. The whole program focuses on the man's life and his decision-making process in the time leading up to his death.
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The BBC recently aired a documentary called Choosing to Die that shows the deterioration two people that have decided to end their lives by assisted suicide in Switzerland. It shows the moment of death for one of the people and I found it quite powerful.

It's avaliable on Youtube
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I saw a documentary years ago about a man dying of Aids, and the impact on his partner. I can't remember much about it, other than at the end, as we watch his partner, now not more than a skeleton, die in bed, and his partner repeating "Isn't he beautiful?...Isn't he beautiful?" I know nothing else about it, but that left quite an impact on me. Hopefully myself or someone else can dig up the name.
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I think I found it..Silverlake Life
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+1 on the Pratchett video above... May not be precisely what you're after, but see also "A Family Undertaking" available on Netflix.
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