LOTR epilogue available online?
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Is the text of the unpublished epilogue to the Lord of the Rings available online?

I've only recently learned that there is an unpublished epilogue to the LOTR. I know it's reproduced in one of Christopher Tolkien's books, but is it available anywhere else? I haven't been able to find it.
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Legally? I don't think so. You could google a random phrase from the text to find it online.

Last I checked, all of History of Middle-earth was available (with a facile password) from tolkien.ru. As with most things in HoME, you'll find that there are two different versions (it's in vol 9, Sauron Defeated).
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[... Tolkien wrote two different versions of the Epilogue, I meant to say]
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Response by poster: Fair point in searching for the phrase; duly added to my Google-fu. Noted on the legality - I meant o specify that in the question. Thanks!
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