Going Hither But Not Thither
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I will soon have 12 days in Asia for a photoshoot and am trying to narrow down four choices of where to go. Please help.

I'll be flying into Bangkok where I've spent time previously. I may spend a few days here before I go back to the states but it is not part of the overall plan.

Choice 1: Take the train from Bangkok down the Malay peninsula stopping at Phuket, Penang, Kuala Lampur, maybe go to Tioman Island. Fly back to BKK from Singapore.

Choice 2. Fly to Colombo Sri Lanka, take the new ferry to India. Train and bus through southern India. Fly to BKK from bangalore

Choice 3. Fly to Kathmandu, go to Pokarha which I've never been to. Take a long 14 hour bus ride to eastern Nepal. Spend 3 days in Sikkim. Take train to Kolkata where I have a friend. Fly back to BKK.

Choice 4. Fly to Hong Kong take a ferry to Guangzhou and take pictures of the Pearl River Harbor area. take train to Shenzen and then back to Hong Kong. Fly to Bali and go to Lombok for 6 days. Back to Bali and back to BKK.

I like to keep moving but don't want to kill myself or destroy my health in the process. I could do any of these and be happy but nothing stands out as YES I want to go here. Open to other suggestions but have no current interest in Laos, Cambodia or Viet Nam.
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BTW money is not a determining factor in any of these choices.
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Can't help you with the destinations you mentioned, but suggest spending a couple of days in Bagan, Myanmar. Visiting this place is in many respects an experience that is as humbling as it is mind-boggling. If you happen to be there during a full moon, you have the festivities with lots of opportunities to photograph the more earthly pleasures as well. All this, if you don't mind traveling to Myanmar, of course.
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If money's not a factor, personally I would do Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Shenzhen, basically on the grounds of Cantonese food is delicious and I'm a sucker for futuristic mega-cities.

But what are your criteria? Obviously if you're looking for more of like a relaxing time in nature then that wouldn't be the route to take. I think you could have a pretty awesome time on any of those itineraries, but there would be different types of awesome things on each, so it would really depend on what you're looking for.
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Photographer in Seoul here - if Korea is a possibility, there's a little bit of everything here. Everything from ultra-futuristic to classic palaces.
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