Let's beat the docent! What was that painting?
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Ten years ago I saw a painting at the Ringling museum in Sarasota. It wasn't there today. Help me figure out what it was.

Here's what I remember: the painting was of a man turning and walking away from the viewer. That's why it stuck in my mind, because it was in a room full of carefully posed portraits, and by comparison all the motion reminded me of a photograph.

The painting was fairly large, done with oil, and vertically oriented. The walking-away man took up most of the image, I think, and it showed him head to toe. He was dressed in Elizabethan clothes, with the white ruff around his neck, the poofy breeches, possibly a hat. His clothes were dark except for the ruff, I think blue or black. The background was warmer colors, brown and tan. I have no idea what was in the background.

I asked a docent, who remembered it too, but not the painter or title or what happened to it. She said that it may have been a loan from another museum, or it may be part of the Ringling collection but in storage now. She said she'd ask around, but the hivemind hasn't failed me yet, so I figured I'd ask here.
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Have you looked through the galleries online through their website?
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The Ringling FB page(s) is/are VERY active. Shoot them an email.

John Ringling
Mable Ringling
Ringling John & Mable Museum of Art The State Art Museum of Florida

Good Luck : )
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