Dissociative Episode
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You're a girl. Smart, pretty, good at blending in. You meet two guys, both funny and charming. They have a weird conversation in front of you. Then one of them gets your phone number and leaves while the other becomes part of your life. A year later...

A year later the other guy calls, you meet him and he explains the weird conversation. He says he recognised that you have what he calls a connection to the real world, also known as naivety or sanity or a connection to God, and that means you're protected in the coolest, strangest way even if you don't know what's going on. The other guy, he says, is a psychopath who intends to sever your connection to the real world so you become his property. The original weird conversation was deliberately weird so that you remembered it and it would form a hook into this conversation now. He says if you tell the other guy, your now beloved and trusted friend, about this meeting it will trigger a series of events leading to him attempting to murder you within three weeks.

You do and he does.

The guy who disappeared for a year is unreachable.

How do you interpret all this?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This needs to be framed less like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure and more like a problem to be solved. -- restless_nomad

As chatfilter, at best.
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...if I'm murdered, then I can't interpret anything.
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WTF? I interpret the guy who called a year later as a complete weirdo, and, if anyone is a psychopath here, it's him.

What do you mean the other guy, the one who became your friend, tried to kill you? I suspect we need a lot more details here, because I'm not buying it based on what you've written.
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Sounds like what all those hipster kids who wear ugly hats at expensive bars wish was happening in every conversation.
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Someone attempted to murder you and you're posting an AskMe about it? That's, uh, a police matter. Beyond that, I do not think we can help.
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