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No mess, one touch espresso : Nespresso or super automatic? Which one should I choose?
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This is largely a matter of personal taste, so all AskMe can give you is a reference to Coffee Geek for reviews and anecdotal evidence. That was my reference. Anecdotally I love my Nespresso machine with a passion, but I'm kind of low-brow about my espresso.
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I was DEAD SET against Nespresso moving into my house, as a huge coffee snob and a person who does not mind intricate coffee-making activities. (And as a former barista.)

But you know what? I've grown to love it. I'm shocked. Really couldn't be happier.
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I am not the biggest coffee snob around, and I like some pod coffees, but I hate the taste of Nespresso pods. (My semi-coffee-snobby aunt and uncle love them, my unsnobby mother does as well.) Taste the coffee before you decide.
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I have a Delonghi Magnifica superautomatic. Easily the most indulgent purchase of my life, and so very worth it.
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I prefer my Nespresso over my super automatic. I think this is because I value convenience over quality and $ savings. I'm not a DYI person and I have mundane taste buds.
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I have a Nespresso at work and like it a lot. Is it sold in any stores near you? I'd definitely go and ask for a taste test before you decide.
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There is another option, which is to get a machine that takes ESE pods. You'll get a much wider selection of pods than with a Nespresso. PodMerchant has a substantial collection.
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Nespresso is wonderful, really. We have one the fancy devices which also steams milk and, man, does it make a pretty awesome macchiato.
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I've been scared off by the superautomatics because, 1) $1000+!?, 2) even some of the most-glowing reviews for the highest-rated products are candid that the machines are far from hassle-free (managing the milk, adding water, emptying various bins, de-scaling, cleaning out coffee dust that gets everywhere inside the box, etc.), which in my mind defeats the purpose.

I've been uninterested in nespresso because the taste is, to me, mediocre. I suspect this is the beans they use in the pods (I'll admit that I'm particular about quality of beans).

A third option to suggest: the aeropress. Hassle-level is about the same as a french press (i.e., not very high at all), quality of the coffee is extremely high. I gather some serious coffee geeks don't love the device but for me it is superb. And at $25 it isn't a very expensive mistake even if you hate it.
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2nd aeropress. It's almost as good as vacuum pot and 999% more convenient. On the other hand, I'm a tea geek, not a coffee geek..
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I'm on my second superautomatic. They are really wonderful. Yes, you have to clean them but only every couple weeks. Yes, they cost a bit (mine was about $650 and it's a mid-line Saeco) but the first one lasted eight years brewing eight cups a day.

People who buy the "milk bar" doodad seem to regret it. If you want foamy milk get a pannarello wand and if you want hot milk just use the steam wand to heat it.
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3rd the aeropress; the main limitation is the quality of the beans. We get really great coffee with it if we make sure we have good beans and take care with the heat of the water. We get perfectly decent coffee if we're bleary-eyed and make a few mistakes.
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The aeropress is ridiculously good. Makes better coffee than most other home brewing methods (with good beans) + effortless to clean. Only hassle is grinding. But if you're considering nespresso, you probably aren't picky enough to be unwilling to bear pre-ground beans, like I am :-)
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I have the Nespresso Lattissima; I used to have the Capresso F9 Super Automatico.

I think the quality of coffee is pretty much the same between the two machines --it's adequate, but not great-- but the Nespresso has the edge for me due to its smaller footprint, the fact that it needs no cleaning or maintenance, and that it's truly one-touch. Plus the customer service is great.
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I lusted for an aeropress, and finally got one and found it a pain in the foot to use (sorry).

I couldn't stand the concept of pod coffee...possibly limited selection, and expense per cup.

I wanted a super automatic maker (like my brother-in-law has) but didn't like the expense or the complication.

I bought (and LOVE) a Jura Ultima semiautomatic. I make Americanos for my wife an myself every morning...also I make them for guests. Makes great espresso coffee. I also bought a fairly good grinder (Capresso Infinity Burr grinder model 560 or 565, not sure).

Check out the ultima here.

NOTE: I have NO connection with the Jura company or any of their whatevers, except as a satisfied coffee drinker.
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