Hotels Near Norfolk VA Airport?
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Mrs. COD and myself are headed to VA Beach this weekend, and my efforts to secure a nice hotel cheap via Hotwire / Priceline have not panned out. We are visiting with friends on Chick's beach, so staying somewhere around the Norfolk Airport keeps us within 15 minutes of their place, which is fine. Has anybody stayed at a Norfolk Airport hotel recently? The reviews on the travel sites are kind of scary, but I'm hoping it's just Internet trolling and it's not really that bad. Cheap is good - we just need a place to crash Saturday night. Any recommendations from recent personal experience?
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I haven't lived in Norfolk for a while (about four years) but when I lived there, near the airport was a hit & miss proposition. The hotels were nice, but don't go walking around the place after dark. On the up side, the botanical gardens are over there and they are very nice.
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I live near chicks beach. The vb resort and conf center on shore dr is nearby and on the beach. Current rates run $130-$330. The airport hotels are mostly on military highway and rather dismal.
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I'm familiar with the VB resort - I can walk to my friends house from there. However, I really can't justify spending $150+ on a room that we probably won't even return to until after midnight. I've been watching all week on Hotwire hoping they would release some cheap rooms.

We just need somewhere clean to sleep for 8 hours - I don't need a bay view.
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Not recent but in 2007 we had a family reunion at the Holiday Inn on Military Hwy. It was decent and I don't recall any relatives complaining about the accommodations. Have you tried looking around the Independence Blvd area? I think that would still keep you in the 15 min range of the beach via I-264 but might open up some additional options.
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I just got a room at the Hilton for $60 via Priceline. Thanks everybody.
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