Where online can my classmates and I design and create our own wiki-constitution?
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I want to set up a wiki so that my fellow students and I can collaborate on a constitution governing our class. Is there a space that I can do this somewhere on wikipedia? Or are there any other wiki 'hosts' (preferably free and ad free) that let people have a wiki for simple purposes such as I just outlined?

Yes, this was inspired by Iceland!
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You can also do a wiki via Google Sites, which makes granting access very easy, as I find most people have a Google account of some sort.
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Groupspaces, which is free if you have a .edu account, can do wikis.
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Free and ad-free is difficult to find... generally speaking, if you aren't paying, you (your behavior and attention) are the product.

I recommend dreamhost.com, where for $9/month you can host many websites and email accounts and easily install lots of web software including mediawiki (the open source wiki software written to run wikipedia).
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