Upload/convert MSAccess to MySQL using PHP
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What's the best way to upload an Access DB using PHP and read its contents into MySQL?
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Are you looking to automate this process, or to do it just one time?
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Response by poster: Just one time.

Well, I'll have to repeat a few times, but it'll happen when I say...
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If you are just trying to get the structures and data into MySQL, and there aren't too many tables involved, set up an ODBC link to your MySQL db and then Export each table (right mouse click on the table in Access to see the option) one by one. I'm not sure how PHP comes into it or is you are trying to export other Access objects. But that technique will get your data over.
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Best answer: For a one time operation I would do the following:

1) Export from access into Excel
2) Save the excel as tab delimitted
3) Create a table in mysql with the same columns (actually, use this as a chance to fix any data organization issues, if you can)
4) Use phpMyAdmin to import as a CSV file with tabs as the delimitter

As far as reading the data via PHP, that is a bit too broad to really answer because it entirely depends on how you want to interact with the data.
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Best answer: Pretty sure you can skip the Excel step -- Access can go straight to CSV.
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This freeware application does this.
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