Parking in Brooklyn on Saturday, argh!
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Mom wants to go to the Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend. Of course, nothing is simple in Marky world...

Looks like there are two, Fort Greene on Saturday and Williamsburg on Sunday. The problem is we need to drive up to Newburgh after the market, so trains won't work. Mom can't walk long distances very well.

Which market has nearby parking? It looks like the Saturday market only has street parking, I can't tell about Williamsburg. Any hints?
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The Williamsburg one has a parking garage on, I want to say, N 6th, in one of those new highrise buildings. I think for the one in Fort Greene, you'd just have to rely on street parking.
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The Fort Greene one is about 3 blocks from a parking garage. The garage is at Vanderbilt and Myrtle; the flea is at Vanderbilt at Lafayette, which is 3 blocks south.

You pass by Tillie's on your way down Vanderbilt, too (which is a cool little coffee shop).
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