Outlook 2010 email search errors?
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Outlook 2010 stops indexing after a certain date in a certain email account. Rebuild indexes, restarting service, does nothing.

Windows 7 Professional, Outlook 2010 as part of MS Office Home and Business. I've tried pretty much every damn thing I can think of (rebuild indexes, restarting search service, disabling service, removing service, repairing PST file, reinstalling service, removing Outlook, reinstalling Outlook), and a cursory search has pretty much rendered my Google-Fu useless. I'm pretty tapped on this one. Thoughts?

Account is IMAP, mail server backend is MDaemon, I don't think that should matter too much though. Could be wrong?
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Is the date it indexes back to something random, like 43 days, or is it something round, like 90 days or 6 months? It's possible some server patches on the mdaemon side are set to a new default for their indexes and they need to be rebuilt.
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It's only happening to one user. It does index back to an absolutely arbitrary set date (everything earlier than August 11th), but it's literally limited to this one user's machine. If it was happening across the board I'd think server side but at this point I'm tempted to just throw the damn thing out a window.
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If they search their mail from OWA do they have the same result? What about creating an outlook profile for that user on another machine and seeing if it happens for that user on different hardware?
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