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A more durable substitute for Vans?

Does anyone know of a higher-quality version of the classic Vans-style skate shoe. I'm looking for something with a little more rigidity in the upper, and a thicker, more durable sole. Bonus points if you know where they can be found in Toronto.
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Are Sperry's shoes too nautical? The CVO and slip-on are very similar to Vans in looks, but more solid. Can't help you with the Toronto thing, though.
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The skaters here that don't wear Vans wear Cons.

I don't skate, but you can tear my checkered Vans from my cold dead feet.
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Supergas may not be appropriate for skating, but they have a hell of a thick sole. The canvas uptop is pretty stiff, maybe a little thicker than Vans. Usually can be found pair on for about $20.
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Response by poster: Clarification- I'm not looking for something to skate in (my knees are pretty much done at this point), just something for casual wear.
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I made an unexpected purchase of a pair of canvas low-top sneakers for maybe $50-60 at a Puma store in San Francisco about a year and a half ago, pretty much because I needed a new pair of shoes in a hurry and there happened to be a Puma store right there.

They've really held up well; I expected them to fall apart after 6 months like Converse All Stars, but they're still going strong. And they're definitely more comfortable. I can't find the exact shoes I have online, but these look pretty similar. Unfortunately I can't comment on how they'd compare to Vans.
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Something like this?

(These were pretty much de rigueur in So Cal before Vans came along. Especially for the paleozoic skate boarding population there.)
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Seconding Supergas.
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When I was in college and hiking the hilly campus of UC Santa Cruz, my Saucony Originals were indispensable.
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Van's has some tougher versions of their classic shoes.

Leather with fleece lining
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Oops. Leather with fleece lining.
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My Simple shoes lasted a good long while before they finally got raggedy. I now have a pair of Sperry Topsiders, and they're going to last me quite a long time, I can tell.
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Been there. Adidas Nizza Los will see you through. Try Groovy Shoes on Queen St West.
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If money isn't an issue then you want Feit Superclean Kudus. They ship to Toronto. I have the grey and love them. Handmade and super soft.
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Good god, no. I bought some mail-order because they looked cool, but the soles are so stiff that they click when I walk, there's no insole to speak of, and there's so little height in the toe that adding a set of Dr. Scholl's means my feet just barely fit in there.

A huge step down from my previous shoes, a pair of PF Flyers, which were perfect in every way. Mine were more Chuck Taylor style, but they do a Vans style too. Browse. (Notice the insanely low prices.)
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