How can I edit my paper without word?!
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Is there any online resource that functions like microsoft word that I can use to get my paper appropriately edited? Within the hour?

(I recognize this is an admission of how pathically non-knowledgable I am about computers, but!)

My microsoft word suddenly decided to start popping up with a "error in program". I might be able to figure out how to fix it but I know very little about fixing anything to do with computers and I need to get my paper edited in time for class.

I have it in note pad, but I can't figure out how to get it appropriately formatted (double spaced). I'm fiddling with it but even when it looks right in the notepad when I print it, it comes out all funny.

ACK! Is there anything online that functions like this? Copy and paste your paper and then make it double spaced? Thirty minutes til I need to leave. Egads!

I see some "free grammar check" types programs that say "click allow if prompted" and it makes me think they are sketchy-- how sketchy are they? Like this one:
grammar checker

Is it trying to give a virus or something?
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Not sure this will reach you in time, but OpenOffice does pretty much everything Office does, and its free. Takes 5 min to install.
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Import your paper into Google Docs
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If you have a Google account, just upload the file (assuming it's not corrupt or anything like that) into Google Docs ( and work with it in Google's online version of a word processor.
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n'thing Google Docs. There's also the possibility of finding a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor out there that's usable for free like this one if you prefer not to go through Google.
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Google Docs can also save your file as a Word document when you're ready to send it, or a PDF.
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OMG thank you thank you thank you. Done with four minutes to leave time! Whew.
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(Also that is so embarrasing I didn't think of that LOL. I figured there had to be a simple way *cheeks red*)
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Microsoft actually offers some kind of online version of Word as well:

I've never used it myself, but apparently if you have a Windows Live ID (ie hotmail account) then you're all set up for it.
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I use the online version of Office and Word. It's a sweet suite.
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