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Where can I commission custom made decoder wedding rings?

The future Mr. Zophi and I are trying to find the perfect wedding rings. We both really loved the idea of decoder rings (this one was the favorite). However, we'd like something in gold or platinum, and I also have tiny fingers. Where do I look for someone who can make such a thing?
posted by Zophi to Clothing, Beauty, & Fashion (7 answers total) 12 users marked this as a favorite A lot of the work on the client preview is huge platinum and diamond rings, but they work on all kinds of scales. They will make you anything, and for quite good prices. I've never worked with them directly, but I have one friend and one employer who have and they've been VERY happy with the work.
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Do an etsy search with keywords like "wedding ring" "jewelry" and "geekery" or similar. Find some shops that have both items you like (that are in your price range) AND good feedback. Message the shop owner with the link you posted here and see what they say.
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If you are looking for Etsy sellers to try and contact, I did a search for handmade spinning rings, then gold and came up with these sellers who do similar work and could be good for your rings:

Jewela- this ring is gold, spins, and has letters

MavaStyle- this ring is complicated and spins and is gold
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Not sure where you're located (and doesn't really matter as they do work for people all over the world), but I highly recommend Goldmine Design in Seattle. They do amazing custom work (it's all they do). Ask for Cindy or Mary. (No, I don't get a kickback but am happily wearing a wedding ring they made for me right now.)
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You might also look at the exhibitor lists at the American Craft Council shows. (Here's one from the Baltimore show earlier this year.) They've been doing a much better job in recent years of bringing in younger craftspeople, and the average quality is going to be better than Etsy. (Not that there isn't some amazing work on Etsy, but the ACC shows are very selective, so there's less of the lower-end stuff to sift through.)
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Thanks for all the fantastic leads! I'll follow up with what we end up with.
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Cory Doctorow got cipher wedding rings made by Isabel Rucker.
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