Help, please! VPN-enabled wireless router not working
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How do I connect my Witopia VPN wireless router to my ISP's wireless router?

I have my basic wireless internet up and running great through my ISP's provided wireless router. I plugged my Witopia Cloakbox wireless router into the ISP wireless router using an Ethernet cable. The wifi is working through the Cloakbox, but the VPN is not working. My ip address is the same. I need my VPN working so I can access Netflix.

I cannot access Witopia's wiki page because it is blocked by my ISP. Stupid censorship. Argh.

How do I get this working? *confused*
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From their wiki:
I just received my CloakBox, but the VPN isn't working.

There are several possible reasons for this. The first step is to ensure you've connected everything correctly.

Verify that the following setup tasks have been completed:

1. Verify your Internet connection is working without the CloakBox present.
2. Connect an Ethernet cable between your existing ISP provided cable or DSL modem and the port marked "Internet" on the back of the CloakBox.
3. Connect a computer or laptop with an Ethernet cable to port 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the CloakBox.
4. If your ISP has provided PPPoE (username and password) information that information may need to be configured on the CloakBox. Obtain this information from your ISP and contact for assistance.
5. Reboot your computer
6. Go to to see if you have Internet access, your IP address will be displayed if you do.

The CloakBox is connected properly to my Internet connection and my computer but it still doesn't seem to work. What next?

The first step any time the CloakBox is not functioning properly is to remove the power from your ISP modem or router, as well as the CloakBox for 1-2 minutes. Then, reconnect the power to the ISP provided modem or router, wait 2 minutes, and then reconnect the power to the CloakBox. After 1-2 minutes, using a computer directly connected to the CloakBox via an Ethernet cable connected to port 1,2,3 or 4 try visiting to see if you get a WiTopia or Fullmeshnetworks IP address. If you do, this process worked and your CloakBox is functioning properly!

In some cases your ISP or the location you are in may not allow, or block VPN traffic. In this case, you may try our alternate port (TCP 443) servers. This is a common solution to many initial CloakBox connection issues and should be tried before moving on to additional troubleshooting steps.
It seems likely that if your ISP is blocking access to the wiki, they're actually blocking access to Witopia, period. They can do that. Try switching to port 443.
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