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What's this particular old drum machine beat?

The most obvious example I know: Gorillaz - Last Living Souls, as the intro.

I hear this very beat a lot (it seems to be the Amen break of the preset rhythm world) but I don't know where it comes from. I know presumably it's off an electronic organ or old drum machine; more specific details are desired (like is it the "Samba" beat on the Yamaha XYZwhatever, that kind of detail).
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Sounds like a Casiotone.
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It doesn't quite sound like a Casiotone to me, but it could be just that with enough processing. It sort of reminds me of the TR-66. If there is indeed extra filtering and sample cut-upness going on it could be just about anything.
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Best answer: I wouldn't be surprised if it's an Ace Tone Rhythm Ace.

Sample here - fast forward to 40s
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This isn't totally right either, but to give you an idea of how many similar sounding rhythm boxes there are, have a listen to this:

It's a Maestro Rhythm King, the unit used for Sly & the Family Stone's Family Affair. Could feasibly be one of those, sped up a bit/EQed.
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I dont know. I initially thought Casiotone as well. But i don't think it matches any of the preset rhythms.

But I did find this, which is a preview page for someone who is selling sample packs of old rhythm machines. It has samples of around 20 machines' preset rhythms. I had a poke around but didn't find that exact beat.

All of the machines do sound really similar so it is hard to narrow down based on the sound of the Gorillas song, also it could've been processed.

Do you have another example?
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Response by poster: I don't believe it's cut-up in any way; although EQing is pretty likely.

...I probably should've found more examples of this particular beat. I'll go looking.
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Seconding the Ace Tone Rhythm Ace.
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Yep. Rhythm Ace. Those are great, especially the bossa and samba beats.
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As someone who whittled together a sample set from my friend's dad's Rhythm Ace myself several years ago (Ace Tone went on to become Roland, FYI!), my first thought upon hearing it was that it sounded very Rhythm Ace-y (it's those old analog synthesized congas). Could be, that cha-cha preset from the video above sounds like it to me!
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Response by poster: ...yeah, I'm not sure why I didn't see the Rhythm Ace answer earlier.

I'll do some more looking to see if I can find some higher quality samples but that preset (besides a bit of pitching) certainly does sound like it.
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